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Mayor Sheng Lei
    【Honors of Changzhou】National Culturally Advanced City, National Famous Historical and Cultural City, National Ecological City, National Forest City, National Pilot Low-Carbon City, China Habitat Environmental Award, Chinese Excellent Tourist City, 'Tourism + Internet' Innovation Demonstration City, National Hygienic City, National Garden City, National Double-Support Model City and National Advanced Area of Cultural System Reform.
    【Annual Figures】Total area:4,372.15 km2, Urban area: 2,837.63 km2, Registered population: 3.788 million, Permanent residents: 4.717 million, Local GDP: 662.23 billion yuan, Local GDP per capita (based on permanent residents): 20,812 US dollars. [More]
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Laws and Regulations b體育官網入口在線:More>>
Part I of Nationality law of t [04-18]
Rules for the Administration o [01-06]
b體育官網入口在線:Provisions for the registratio [11-18]
b體育官網入口在線:Part II of Nationality law of [11-18]
b體育官網入口在線:Part III of Decree of the Stat [11-18]
Part II of Decree of the State [11-18]
Part I of Decree of the State [11-18]
Law of the people`s republic o [11-18]
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b體育官網入口在線:April 20, 2024 [04-20]
April 13, 2024 [04-13]
April 6, 2024 [04-06]
b體育官網入口在線:March 30, 2024 [03-30]
b體育官網入口在線:March 23, 2024 [03-23]
March 16, 2024 [03-16]
b體育官網入口在線:March 9, 2024 [03-09]
b體育官網入口在線:March 2, 2024 [03-02]
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